Friday, 15 July 2022


At long last I have got this top to a place I am happy with.  I'm not entirely sure why I've struggled so much, to be honest.  A lot of disruptions haven't helped, nor has working with what was probably slightly too little fabric, but I like the shapes and the colours a lot and have never had one of those moments where I just fell out of love with the whole thing.  Nonetheless, this is only the second completed top of the year and we are already in July.  

Here's the photo of quilt on shed

and here is a close up of quilt with teasel.
It is, theoretically a weed, but this is the wilder part of the garden and the goldfinches love them, so I seldom pull them up, even when they are photobombing my quilt pictures.  Also, look what a lovely colour match it is for this particular quilt!

It has to be said that I really, really like this quilt, so maybe all the time it took to get here doesn't really matter at all in the end.


Quiltdivajulie said...

It turned out splendidly! All that struggle really paid off.

gladiquilts said...

Nicely done!!

liniecat said...

Ive a statuesque teesel in my garden too and the bees adore it. Mind you I shouldve planted the seeds furtherf rom the hang of the washing lol but at least I have a very long old fashioned wooden prop!
This top has a fresh and airey look to it - and not just as its on the line lol

Grams Jean said...

I love the teasel when the blooms form a circle around the "waist" of the prickly part and then I refer to it as a hula skirt. I love your very interesting quilt, hope you are keeping this one.

Ann said...

Another beautiful improv quit. The colors work so well together and the little flying geese add just the right touch… unless you want to appliqué some teasel on it!
I hope you are doing well. We are struggling with the heat and drought.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A great quilt, love the flying geese and the way they take your eye around the quilt.

patty a. said...

Another fabulous improv quilt top!

Janie said...

Great finish and it does belong in the garden because of the colors.
I like that you have a wild part of your garden and that goldfinches come because they love the 'weeds'.

Mystic Quilter said...

I seem to be having problems with leaving comments but they don't show up on the posts, I did leave one here but it's not showing so I shall try again. Good use of the garden shed to show your finish! I really do like the improv geese in flight in this lovely improv quilt - love the teasel too!