Tuesday 8 June 2021

Long rectangles, blunt triangles, a possible way forward

The sun is shining and I am mostly in the garden.  I am sewing a bit though, as a respite from the weeds.

I am trying out a few more blocks similar to the rectangle I liked last time. 

These are all made from shirt arms; their size is dictated purely by the size of the fabric.  It results in slightly bigger pieces than I tend to,which is not a bad thing.  I'm sure given enough time I'll figure out a way to incorporate some little bits.

While these were in their box I mulled over all sorts of possible directions for them, some complicated, some less so.  For now I am just trying this.
My thinking was that the blunt-nosed triangles would belong with the block on the left, but looking at this picture I don't like that as much as I did this morning.  I can, however, see a way forward, so all is good.


Turid said...

I love this kind of sewing.

liniecat said...

Really like that directional layout using the fabric patterns and the rectangular blocks too!
Do you sell, give away, donate or surround yourself with all these quilts?
Your so productive it seems a shame if these are all stashed away and not used lol

Its too hot for me so hiding indoors in the cool - well, am working anyway and if outdoors, Id not be concentrating lol

patty a. said...

I like the blunt triangles and I am sure once you get more bits made a direction will come to you. I was surprised that I only had a one and one half five gallon buckets of weeds after not weeding since I had my leg surgery May 6. I went a month with no weeding and was expecting a lot more. With all the rain and heat lately, they are popping up overnight so I will have to try and keep on top of them. I usually try and get outside to pull weeds by 7 AM on the weekends before it gets too hot. The front of my house faces south so it can be brutally hot early in the day as soon as that sun shows up.

Carli The Quilter said...

Oh yes, follow your nose.

Mystic Quilter said...

Love the blunt nosed triangles, they're very effective. I have used them in two of my small pieces before, they seem quite happy to fit in.

Ann said...

The blunt triangles look good with the dark blue fabric. And I love your shirts. Always fun to use.
I am not getting as much sewing done these days either. Lots of weeds even though the temperature is 96F (35C) most of the week. Why to the weeds thrive when the flowers are wilting?

Janie said...

Fun progress!
And you've been in your garden, good for body and soul.
I'm looking forward to following more design adventure.

Mary Marcotte said...

It's miserably hot. So the weeds win. Plus, this crazy storm in gulf is on the side of the weeds.
I like the triangles but, even more so, I like seeing you push yourself a little out of your norm. Tension always makes things interesting!