Monday, 28 January 2019

Getting stuff out and changing my mind

Not infrequently I wish I had a dedicated sewing space, where I could leave stuff out rather than having to pack everything into a box at the end of each sewing session.  If I want to remember how my pieces relate to each other I have to pile them very carefully and occasionally I pin them together.  More often though I don't bother with that and trust either that I will remember or that the best way to use the bits will emerge, even if it's not what I had before.

With this quilt I have had a plan almost since the beginning and had been working on the basis that I would have 3 columns of birds and two wide columns using my wonky stars - like this:
Today, though, getting it out of the box, I changed my mind.  I now think I will have four columns of birds and three, narrower, ones with the stars, more or less.  
For now I am concentrating on this side of the quilt - nothing going on over on the right hand side - and it now looks like this.
You may spot that I have found a place to use a few of the paler flying geese I was playing with last time and also that the stars are creeping in all over the place.


patty a. said...

So pulling your pieces and parts out of the box again led you to a change. I like the new arrangement just as much as the old one. I don't think you could go wrong with such beautiful elements you are working with. It would be so nice for you to have a design wall where you could leave your work up all the time. As a very lucky person that has a dedicated studio for quilt making and two large design walls, it is nice, very nice. Even when I was married I had the extra bedroom for my sewing. I did give up the bigger bedroom for a tiny one for my son when he was getting bigger and that was hard. With this last house I bought I told the relator the number one thing I was looking for was house with a big enough room for my 8' x 8' sewing table and she looked at me like I was nuts. Even though the house needed a lot of work, it was worth it to get the space for my quilting.

Julierose said...

I really like your new setting a lot; it is difficult to have to pick everything up and then take it out again--for sure!! I used to have to do that, too; now I am so lucky to have a design wall and a dedicated craft room.
However, difficult as you find that, you have overcome that obstacle and made beautiful and creative quilts...hugs, Julierose

audrey said...

When my projects get to big for the design wall then I'm like you, pinning, stacking and/or leaving it to chance. I am really enjoying the dark background to this one and the brighter pops of color!

Robin said...

I always enjoy watching the progress on your quilts. This quilt is very striking. Not having a bigger space or a design wall is not hampering your creativity at all.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

In another of life's coincidences, I said last week I needed a design wall. My husband laughed, and said you don't meed a design wall. And neither I do. But, I am going to a workshop in a few weeks and I need a design wall. Looks like you do too

Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

I think that pulling things out and arranging them is such a huge part of your process that I wonder how you would adapt to having your own space (just fine and with some changes, I am sure, by the way!). :)

Ann said...

I always sewed on the kitchen table until a few years ago. When kids started leaving home I tried sewing in an old bedroom but it was too far away. I do have a design wall now. Nice but it gets in the way.
I like your stars peaking out everywhere. Just like stars when clouds scud across the sky.

apiecefullife said...

I have a sewing room but not a design wall. I lay an old sheet down and then place my blocks. Sometimes I usually a couple of plastic trestle tables to save my back. When I have to pack up I use a cardboard tube (rescued from a curtain fabric shop) and roll it all up then secure with rubber bands.
Other times I will pin blocks to a quilt on the wall so I can stand back and look/admire/judge.

Yours look great. I really like those colours.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I did basically what Pieceful just said until I got the studio. Still, I think just playing with the pieces does a lot for the kind of work you do. I find that I put chunks on the wall only after I've moved them around and handled them to death. lol Occasionally I have to trim frayed edges.
I remember the days of dragging my work out and putting it away and (in my case) vigilantly watching so a boy or dog or whatever didn't disturb or destroy it. I don't know how.

Janie said...

Lots of design adventures going on here, I love the process.
The various yellows all serve their purpose well. Some guide the eyes up and around some give a
place to rest and explore areas.

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm so behind with reading blog posts this week but what a delight to see your quilt growing here, it's stunning Kaja, it really is!! I love the inclusion of the geese and those beautiful wonky stars.

P. said...

It's so interesting that not having a permanent design space has become what seems like an integral part of your process, the picking up/putting away. I love that! It's looking good!