Monday 24 August 2015

Eking out the scraps

I'm still here, eking out my last bits of fabric for now, but I have to confess that I have asked Lara to send me her blue grunge.  I have literally used every single last tiny scrap and though I might not need much more of it, I am pretty darn sure I'm going to want at least  a wee bit more.  

In the meantime, more blocks with scrappy edges, like this little one.

I did a couple more like this too.

Interestingly, when I tried this one out, the gold didn't look right to my eye, a bit too heavy, so I tweaked it a bit:

Much better.

I am playing around with layout all the time too.  There are some chunks stitched together, but nothing much bigger than six or eight blocks, so it's easy to move them about.  It's funny how some versions look much better than others.  

I am trying to make sure any horizontal strips I use are a bit on the slimmer side now, and have moved the two heavy ones so they are no long right next to each other. I think this will work a bit better. 

Do you like how I have chosen to work in the doorway between two rooms this time, so that wherever I stand I end up with a bit of door in the corner of my photos?  I also knock myself silly on the top of the door frame every time I stand on a chair to get a picture.  I have only myself to blame!


Paulette said...

The scrappy edges add a little extra bit of fun and interest, don't they? Happy you will have the resources from Lara to see you through!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I really like how this is coming together!

em's scrapbag said...

What fun play. It is coming together nicely. Don't know yourself too silly

audrey said...

We do what we have to do in order to get our pictures.:)

Mystic Quilter said...

Two things about this I really like a lot, the first is the way the blue is moving steadily from lower left up to the RH side, second the orange strip right on the edge butting up to the blue - I love the effect there!

Lara B. said...

I sure hope it doesn't take too long for the fabric to arrive. Kaja, I really love how your layout is developing. It reminds me of a woodland stream tumbling over rocks in dappled sunlight. Now, be careful not to bonk your noggin again. I once gave myself a concussion that way.

Ann said...

Oh, yes. I quite agree with Maureen's comments. And everyone else's, too. Lara is always so poetic!