Saturday 2 May 2015

Saturday photos #21

Pretty simple this week: tulips are my favourite flowers, so I wanted to share this while they are looking their best.  It lifts my heart when I walk through my gate and see this.


Mary Marcotte said...

Oh, send me a few please! They are sooo beautiful. Here in Louisiana tulips don't seem to do very well. I blame the heat but it could be my (lack of) skills. The tulips you have are gorgeous, so someone knows precisely what to do. I can't believe the colors and how dark those burgundy ones are. The doubles look almost like peonies, they are so full. Are you tempted to pull up a chair and sit with them? If you do, tell them how beautiful they are. :-)

Lara B. said...

So this is in your own garden Kaja? It is glorious! Thank you for sharing.
We have daffodils blooming now. Our resident chipmunks ate all the tulip bulbs - they find them quite yummy.