Thursday 4 December 2014

New York: slow progress

I am still playing around here - no huge progress.  I added the next black and white stripe across the top (though it's not sewn yet, just lying on the floor) and one down the left hand side, and have been thinking about using more New York fabric working sideways as well as vertically, hence the piece on the far right.

I was looking at this

which, let's face it, is just a bit of a mess, when I realised that I am trying to work with too few bits. What you see here is pretty much everything I had sewn  and, frankly, it's nowhere near enough, especially at this relatively early stage.  Quite often if I can't get something to work how I want it's because I have the wrong pieces and I'm trying to force them to go together: going away and making new stuff  adds to my options and usually leads to a solution I'm happy with. 

So I spent the rest of my time this morning making some more log cabin blocks and a few more strips, not even thinking about where they are supposed to belong.  Next time I'll see if something will come together.

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Paulette said...

I am enjoying watching your process with this quilt and really liking the way it's looking so far. Yeah, what you said about making more things so you give yourself more options really makes sense. I really have a sense of the cityscape with your quilt!

Ann said...

Good advice. I will remember it.

RonnieOneal said...
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