Tuesday, 22 March 2016

AHIQ - share your improv #7

I am still plugging away with the circles: I think I probably have enough big ones now and the smallest size are prepped and ready to go.  Doing all these extra steps, the applique and the stamping, means that working on this quilt has had a different rhythm for me, with much more focus on those small stages and maybe less of an overview, but suddenly I feel like the end is in sight (though you can remind me of that in a month's time when I may still be saying the same thing!)

Yesterday I was working on what I think will be the bottom left-hand corner:

Unfortunately the return of better weather means I have lost the conservatory as a place to work (people actually want to use it as a living space - how unreasonable!)  The upshot of that is that I can't get the whole piece laid out somewhere so have had to fold what I have already done so that I can see at least the piece I will be joining on to, if not the rest.  This isn't ideal, and I might have to jig things about once I finally get some space, but I'm trying to make it work for now.  Taking this photo, though, I see that maybe the central square on the bottom line is not quite right.  

In any case I had to stop piecing to go and stamp some more strips, but that is done now so I can go back to tweaking.

I really look forward to these improv link up weeks, especially in months when I haven't done so much myself, so without further ado...


  1. I remember the days of not having the space to lay out a quilt and keep it in that spot while I was working on it. I feel your pain! Hopefully you can find a solution soon. Don't roll your eyes, but I am trying to figure out where to put more design wall. Here is the eye rolling part - I live in a 4 bedroom house by myself with a dedicated room for my studio and one of the bedrooms is my fabric storage area. I should have no complaints - right?! LOL!!! I just need to get rid of some more stuff (I have been downsizing quite a bit the last two years), move some stuff around, and I think I can add another 5' section and a 6' section of design wall in the studio. But then I am so busy sewing I just haven't had the time to do it.

  2. Very often it just amazes me more that you create these beautiful quilts in a less than ideal quilting environment. That just speaks even more to your artistic abilities Kaja!
    I'm sorry to miss participating in another AHIQ. I hope to get back on track again in June!

  3. How very pretty these pieces are! I am sure I've said already, but I do so love the text pieces: they really add to the work. I've been playing with some ideas for my circles, but it's still too soon...I'm not feeling that I'm there yet. Hopefully it will be soon.

  4. I can't imagine having room to leave a quilt out on the floor {or a large enough wall!}, but somehow it always ends up working. Love seeing this come together! The stamping is still so intriguing to me!

  5. I really like this...the colors, the stripes, the circles, the stamped fabric...it's all coming together into a fabulous quilt. I have to say I'm inspired.

  6. I love your striped circles and the odd striped background too, just adds to the fun. Unfortunately', I had "the LAST Tuesday" in my diary and am a week too late! I've changed the setting and won't miss next month's link up - with a bumper post!


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