Sunday, 9 August 2015

Revisiting denim and a confession

This seems to be my month for going back to things that have been pining for attention; this time it's my hand-stitched denim.  It got put away when juggling several projects at once got too much for me, but it's out of the bag now and I'm ready to go again, so this will be my Sunday stitching project for a while.

Just as a quick reminder, this is where I had got too.

I have mentioned before that the denim got under my skin a bit and that I had been eyeing up people's clothing rather too much, so here's the confession:  earlier in the year I was at a cricket match with my sister, standing in parallel queues for food, when she pointed out the rather nifty patches adorning the jeans of the chap in front of her.  Wasting no time I slid my camera across the lines to her and she sneaked a photo of which this is a tiny detail.  Mission accomplished!

Then I got home, looked at my photos and realised that maybe a hobby which leads me to be sneaking photos of the jeans of strangers is a hobby which has gone a step too far.  Harmless but a step too far towards weird?  

They were great jeans though.


  1. Those jeans are creative. I wonder if he bought them that way or if someone mended them. As for going too far, you might want to make sure you have bail money before you do this again. :-)

  2. Stalker! Great project, glad to see this one on the go again Kaja :)

  3. LOL.... that is hilarious! I don't think it's odd at all, but some people might!!!

  4. Hee hee hee - that's too funny Kaja! I, for one, look forward to being able to get weirder with impunity the older I get. And that really is a nifty patch!


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