Friday, 17 July 2015

Filling in the gaps

 This morning I started playing around with my blocks again, looking at how I was going to get them to fit together.  First off I tried my little piece with squares in one of the gaps.  

I didn't mind this but thought I'd try stripes instead of squares. 

Decided to go with this, so did some cutting and rearranging, and a bit of adding on and ended up with these.

Sewn on they look like this:

Right now I am thinking that I like this where I have used it vertically (halfway up right hand side) but not so much horizontally (bottom left) but am going to leave it for now and see if it grows on me.  

I should add that I have rejected the idea of using 'cheater' strips, ie ones of the same colours as the existing borders.  there are two reasons for this: the first is a practical one as I only have half a metre of each fabric; the second is that I would prefer to come up with a solution that acknowledges and works with the odd construction rather than trying to hide it.  I could, of course, revert to plan b and use straightforward strips of a single, extra fabric.


  1. I do like the vertical stripes on the side - they do fit really well with the overall blocks.

  2. The bottom left ended up feeling a lot like the checkerboard, so that might be why it needs to grow on you a bit.

  3. So cool! I like the colours, and how it makes my eyes zoom around checking out all the little surprising features.

  4. I've been away from blog reading for much of the past two weeks, so it's a real treat to come back tonight and catch up on your posts. I really like the amount of blue you are putting into this project. I also like the vertical strip on the side better, although I can't say why. Perhaps it is because it repeats other elements in the blocks but is a little simpler than the one on the lower left. Of course, if the lower left strip were replicated in some way in another part of the design, I'd probably change my mind.

  5. I like the right side, too. Especially that you joined two squares with the same outer band. I think Yvonne is right about the checkerboard at the bottom. What if you tried long strips there?

  6. You came up with a great solution Kaja! And, just to be different, I really like the group on the bottom left! I like the way it breaks up the flow of the larger spaces, it's a nice counterbalance :)

  7. I really like the vertical strips! That bottom piece almost feels a bit heavy to me, with all the blocks around it being light. What if you put some lighter squares in there? It's coming along great!


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