Sunday, 17 May 2015

Slowing down for Sunday

After a week with two finishes I have slowed right down - and it's not as if I was rocketing along in the first place.  

I find I am increasingly drawn to all sorts of hand stitching at the moment: not just quilting, but the beautiful work on blogs like Spirit Cloth and Judy's Journal, the handmade clothing of Alabama Chanin, not to mention menders like Tom of Holland.  

The relationship you have with something you hand stitch is so intimate, invests whatever you do with so much of yourself, that it is strangely beguiling, more than slightly addictive.  So, in addition to continuing with my quilting of Two Hungry Birds...

I am having a go at handsewing a dress. I have absolutely no idea yet if it will be wearable, but I'm having fun.

I'm also thinking I might go back to the denim.  

All of which is more than enough for one Slow Sunday.


  1. I was drawn to those Charlie Harper birds . I love your tidy hand stitching and a hand stitched dress well thats very interesting.,

  2. Your hand quilting is beautiful! I can't wait to see your hand sewn garment--sounds like quite an adventure!

  3. Enjoy your slow stitching! You are fearless to hand stitch a garment of any kind :)

  4. So many choices! Looking forward to seeing the dress.

  5. When we consider that all clothing was once hand-stitched, it's a wonder that we don't try our needles in hand-made garments. I imagine that it would be much easier to fit it, and you're right, there's an investment of time and honor. I would think that you'd really love a hand-made garment.

  6. Stitching really is addictive! I don't think I'm ready to hand sew my own clothes yet.:)

  7. Enjoyed your observation on hand stitching, and totally agree.

  8. Wonderful hand stitching. I haven't stitched a garment yet, one day! Have fun with your sewing :)



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