Saturday, 2 May 2015

Saturday photos #21

Pretty simple this week: tulips are my favourite flowers, so I wanted to share this while they are looking their best.  It lifts my heart when I walk through my gate and see this.


  1. Oh, send me a few please! They are sooo beautiful. Here in Louisiana tulips don't seem to do very well. I blame the heat but it could be my (lack of) skills. The tulips you have are gorgeous, so someone knows precisely what to do. I can't believe the colors and how dark those burgundy ones are. The doubles look almost like peonies, they are so full. Are you tempted to pull up a chair and sit with them? If you do, tell them how beautiful they are. :-)

  2. So this is in your own garden Kaja? It is glorious! Thank you for sharing.
    We have daffodils blooming now. Our resident chipmunks ate all the tulip bulbs - they find them quite yummy.


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