Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Just because...

I love my garden.

In my last garden I planted a tree peony.  It grew and grew; after three years it produced a bud, but no flower.  I had to wait five years for the first flower which was magnificent but not at all the colour it was supposed to be, so my excitement at the bloom was tempered by the fact that it was bubblegum pink.

Three years ago, in a new garden, I tried again, and this week...my first flower!

I think you can get the size of this flower from the background tulips in the first photo, but just in case, it is 10" across.  

I also have the first of the year's flowers on a rose planted February 2014.  If only there was a way to transmit smells via the internet...


  1. Tree peonies are an amazing plant and their flowers are well worth the wait. Kaja, is that a David Austin rose? It's so beautiful and i love its old fashioned charm! It reminds me of Sweet Juliet, but it has more gold in the center.

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous! I love that rose.

  3. Wonderful flowers. I love to wander around my garden to see what is in bloom! We finally had some rain last night so that should help bring things along.

  4. I've never seen tree peonies before. They're lovely! :)

  5. Your flowers look lovely. I am mourning the loss of a beautiful rose bush this year after a hard winter! I am glad that your flowers are so beautiful.


  6. Oh, I have three tree peonies in different colors! I just looooove their big flowers. And I think I can smell that rose! It looks like an old fashioned variety. I have several old fashioned roses because roses are one of my favorite flowers and they last through our harsh winters.


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