Friday, 12 December 2014

Running out of time in the city

As the rush towards Christmas continues, quilting time seems particularly precious.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, love the return of family, the decorations, the same old Christmas songs on the radio, the silly traditions (oh, and the food).  In another week I will happily sign off until the New Year, but right now the thought of going cold turkey is a bit scary.  Of course I won't stop altogether: nothing wrong with quilting quietly in a corner, but the piecing will have to be put on hold.  So for now, I'm savouring the time I get.

Another chunk of the city quilt is in place:

I'm not going up any further, so once I've got the right hand side filled in I'm going to look at the left and bottom.  I have an idea that at some point I might put in a simple border, and it's literally just come to me that maybe I would like a grey that heads towards blue, like in the city fabric.  Not sure I've got anything that will do though. Off I go to root about in my boxes!

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  1. Kaja a bluish grey would tie it all in very nicely! It will be hard to pull yourself away from sewing for too long. Such precious times with family cannot be missed though! I'll be taking a break too when our kids all start coming home on the 17th. Wishing you the most blessed Christmas!

  2. Yes! Coming along nicely - I agree with the blueish grey

  3. It's always a joy to watch your quilts come together. Merry Christmas! Enjoy family time.

  4. It is coming along wonderfully, I love it.

  5. May I recommend a very narrow red border somewhere (I don't quite know where) but either way this quilt just keeps getting better! And I love the idea of the gray border. Pulling the color out to the edges will really look great. Hopefully there's something in your boxes.

    Your recipe book and yellow squares did make it out, finally. The post office returned it...because they undercharged us not realizing that it is to go out of the country. Rich returned to the post office the next morning and tried again. We haven't heard anything, so our assumption is that it's gone. Hope it finds you soon. :-0

  6. Fabulous - I really love that long thin red stripe towards the top, I like the way it gives the whole thing 'height'. Funny, I pictured you sing 'New York New York' as you put this together not Away in a Manger!!!


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