Friday, 5 December 2014

New York: another block

I'm not sure if the double meaning of block in the title of this post counts as a quilter's joke - if it does I should probably apologise.

Photos still rubbish, though I have a plan now at least, so just one little photo, of one little block stitched together for now.  

I will be sharing this tiny offering at NinaMarie's Off the Wall Friday.


  1. This is going to be pretty cool when it's done. Hard to decide where to put all the blocks, there is so much going on. Remember the rule about having a place for your eye to rest. You do have some "restful blocks and some with a lot of power. Interesting quilt :-)

  2. If it is a double meaning, it is funny Kaja, I love corny humor. Over and over again I am struck by how you chose the perfect fabric for this quilt - they really speak of the energy and bustle of NYC. Actually - I feel that NYC vibe just by looking at what you've done.

  3. Wow, big change from your last photo. I like the separation of the skyscraper blocks. Love the printed words. You always make such interesting choices.

    1. I agree Ann, the printed words are fab!

  4. The city print feels more integrated into the whole in this iteration.

  5. Love the way this is coming on, it makes me think of Mondrian's New York Boogie Woogie! (I think it's the punchy little squares and the long strips that do it - yeah, you probably think I'm nuts now!)


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