Sunday, 28 August 2016

Slow but steady

I have finally made a back for the circles and stripes quilt, so one of my slow Sunday tasks, I hope, is to sandwich it ready for quilting.  In the meantime I have continued to quilt the scrappy quilt top. One of the funny things (for me, at least) about a quilt made of discernible blocks is that you can tell exactly how far you have got with the quilting, so this is block 12 of 70.   I will keep this ticking over once I start the circles, just trying to do a square to two each week.

I'm also expecting to finish my hand-sewn skirt today; this is the waistband going on, so very nearly there.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Curves and strips

I'm chugging along nicely now, interruptions notwithstanding.  I'm making a mental note to spend less time whinging about the things that cause the disturbances and just get on with it! 

I've got four of this circle-y blocks done now and am getting better at it, I think. They take a while, but four is enough to stick on the floor and play around with, which is always encouraging.

They can look like this:

or this:

or this.

Lots of options, even at this early stage.  

Note too, that I ironed this time!

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

AHIQ- share your improv #12

I seem to have started myself on a tricky path.  These curvy blocks are taking ages and don't always work quite how I want them to.  I could be foundation piecing them, I guess, but don't seem to want to make all the decisions at the start, so am fumbling my way through the piecing.

Here's a less successful example:

Note to self: really should iron before taking photographs. 

Working with curves leaves lots of odd shaped little scraps so I am trying to use what I have rather than cutting straight from my yardage (or half-yardage).  I would usually try to include scrap I generated along the way, but it seems particularly important here since I don't want to get halfway through and discover I don't have any biggish pieces.

Monica has pointed out that people clicking through to the link-up from her blog will miss either Ann or me each time so I'm adding this post below.  Just explaining in case you think I've lost my marbles. :-)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Wise after the event

Do you ever make something and then think "this would have been so much easier if I hadn't done x/or had done y?" Well that's where I am today.  I've been so desperate to achieve even a tiny bit of sewing before my head explodes and that I have done.  I have one circle-y block that I am happy with (it looks like there are horrid creases but that's just where the cat slept on it; it looks fine when it's ironed).

Unfortunately I've now got an inkling of something I might want to do that I've made a whole lot harder by not thinking just one tiny step further ahead.  I may try it anyway or I may just grind my teeth and wait a week or two and then sew in a calmer atmosphere.

A reminder, too that it's AHIQ link up tomorrow, for all those of you who are managing to sew through the summer.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

New shirts/old shirts

Today I'm chugging on with my quilting, but thought I'd spare you yet another shot of it.  I'm also keeping on top of the 365 circles, and picked up a couple of shirts this week that I think might help when I run out of fabric from the original three.  

The first is this check. Some parts of it are very pink, but I would just discard those.

The second is this stripe, which looked in the shop like it would be spot on, but which I don't like so much laid out with the squares.

I do, however, like it like this.

I'm not at the point where I have to make firm decisions yet; I have cut the last of the blue shirt into squares, but there is a surprising amount of the other two left still.  But it's good to have this simmering away somewhere in the back of my brain.

As always I'm linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Keeping track

Given that my floor space is still otherwise occupied I am taking more photos than usual as I play, to try and keep track of things that I have to pick up and put away, so here are two things I've thought about today.  I am wondering about ways of combining the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines from the flag with the quarter circle block.

I've tried this:

and this:

Maybe these look a bit too heavy and the proportions of the diagonal strip aren't right, but I'm not sewing anything new until I'm sure I want it, otherwise at some point I'm pretty much bound to run out of fabric.