Monday, 16 April 2018

Geese and curves

A week of inactivity and I've been itching to get back to this, so given the chance I got my head down this morning and sewed like a madwoman. 

I added a curved section on the bottom right...
 then some geese on the outer edge, top right...
 and then a few more just below them.
I'm using the floor tiles as a size guide (I'm aiming for 3x3) and am sliding the pieced bit around within my 9 tiles to think about where the edges will be.  I'm still wandering about the tight curve on the left hand side, but have, I think, a reasonable idea, in general terms, of where I'm heading.  You will see I am still partial seaming like it's going out of fashion.

The weather is meant to be good this week, not before time, and my garden is about to come into its own, but I am hoping I can keep this moving along nicely now.


  1. I love this kind of piecing and experimenting! The bits of yellow and magenta add some spice and the plaid /madras fabrics make it more interesting too! How big are the tiles? Have fun!!!

  2. Wow! There is a lot of movement here. I can't wait for the next phase. Beautiful!

  3. Hi Kaja, you're making progress.
    And your garden is 'coming into its own', and will demand time of course.
    I like the design challenges in this piece, a bit of engineering is required.
    This is exciting, thanks for sharing.

  4. That's it......move over, I's moving in. I love it.

  5. So fascinating to see this progress. I would be stumped but you just keep adding on. It's just great!

  6. Looking wonderful, it as if its water flowing and has such graceful movement in it, loving that.
    have you ever seen the book The Careless Quilter?
    Just picked up a copy and it sort of reminded of your style of pieceing - NOT that your in any way careless LOL
    But its the manner in which they suggest you piece your way round and form a quilt bit by bit, in the books case, from a medallion piece in the centre.
    It reminded me of the insired manner that you piece, allowing the quilt to form itself and grow organically/magically. The book cost me 74p on Amazon and was £2.95 postage LOLOL but its an interesting book, although Ive learnt more simly watching your posts and seeing your style must admit!

  7. 3x3 - feet, meters? With the complexity of your piecing a smaller size sounds like a smart move. It is looking good!

  8. I look at this and cannot quite believe that you choose to work this way, all these partial seams! I would be pulling my hair out! You make it all look so easy though. And fabulous of course. That's a given!

  9. I'm loving the progression, and I hope you enjoy the great weather!


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