Tuesday, 16 May 2017


The bulk of my time now is going on making bits and pieces.  I've done a pile of smaller housetop blocks, like these:

and loads of little triangle bits.  I like how they look, but it does take ages to turn out a decent number of them.  

To keep myself interested I stop every so often for a play, like this.

I'm not making any firm decisions, but it's fun to move things around and get a feel for what I like and I guess it's all groundwork too.


  1. One difference in the way we work is that you keep your bits as parts for a lot longer. That lets you move them around and find new arrangements. I'm too quick so I usually end up with very traditional layouts. Must internalize this thought and practice. Thanks.
    I love the bits you're creating and am sure this will be a surprisingly new quilt.

  2. I like the change in scale of the housetop blocks very much!

  3. I like the two scales of blocks!

  4. Oh funny-- when I looked at your first photo I thought--oh she decided on a black border--
    now i see that you have them set on the floor...;)))

    I very much like that light green with the triangles appearing every once in a while--a lot!! You are really coming along with this one hugs, Julierose

  5. I agree with Ann - I admire your restraint in sewing the bits together too soon. Bad habit of mine . . .

  6. Fabulous pieces!! And I agree its fun playing and moving things around.

  7. It's looking great! It's fun playing & moving the pieces around, waiting patiently for things to gel, I tend to rush in too quickly!

  8. Every housetop needs lots of nails!

    To keep myself interested I set aside and work on another project until no longer interested.

    I like how you play around on the floor with all the pieces. I don't have much space to do that nor do I have a design wall. Even if I did I would jumble things up when it came time to sew things together. I have to try to imagine things in my mind or sew together as I go. Anyway...I like looking at how others do their work (play?) and come up with their ideas. Thanks for posting about the process.

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