Monday, 13 June 2016

Six down...

Six lighthouses done now.

I finished Dungeness...

and then made Point Reyes.  Although my starting point was English lighthouses, a couple of people have shared their favourites in the comments so I thought it would be fun to go with the flow on this.

I have also done some printing with my letter blocks, and have a little pile of lighthouse names, like this one.

The next task, then, is to start trying to pull it all together and it occurs to me right this minute that I should have a quick measure and get some idea of size, before I produce the quilting equivalent of Moby Dick.

A quick note:  several people have seen that Ann is taking a break from blogging and asked about AHIQ.  The plan at the moment is for it to continue, but only on this blog, until Ann is ready to pick up again. The next link up will be Tuesday 28th June.

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  1. I love those printed names! This is looking so awesome, Kaja.

    Thanks for the update on AHIQ. I'm cracking down on mine!

  2. oOve your fine blue fabrics for the sky and water-makes your blocks lots of fun!

  3. I think these look great and I am excited to see how they look together and where you will take the project. :)

  4. It's fun to see you running with it! I am in awe of the amount you produce. And glad we can still share the AHIQ projects...I actually will have one to share this month.

  5. I love Dungeness and the name labels. Do you need any other suggestions for your 'Moby Dick' quilt?! Of course they would have to be in NZ - Castlepoint and Palliser - awesome places and awesome lighthouses!

  6. Going with the flow seems to work well for you and I don't say that lightly! Will Moby Dick or a ship appear?

    I like the printing too. What did you say you use for ink? (I have some little stamps).

  7. You have a knack for those light houses, very nicely done.

  8. Dungeness is definitely my most favourite! Probably because of the colour black! You are printing again, I love to see them popping up in your blog post.


  9. Moby Dick... now there's another idea! LOL
    The lighthouses are all fabulous Kaja! I love that you have done some printed lettered blocks too.


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