Monday, 19 October 2015

Quiet quilt: 9x9

I have 9 blocks now: 3 circles and 6 of the little 9 patches. I am minded right now to sew them into bigger 9 patches.  I know I thought I was going to do that with the last quilt and went in a completely different direction but I am back with the idea now.  I laid them out on the floor: you can see the differences in size that result from cutting freehand!

If I'm keeping these in this formation I will have to add bits to fill in the gaps.  These are just lying on top of the bronze fabric at the moment.

I think I will sew this together and maybe make a couple more sets like this.  I doubt I'll make the whole quilt like this, but it will give me some units to play around with.

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  1. The bronze does set of the blocks nicely compared to your more neutral carpet. I'm curious what new direction will strike you as you continue to work on the project.

  2. It's like watching a puzzle go together, surprises and 'Aha!' moments.

  3. I think this is my favorite of what you've done before. It's very compelling!

  4. Being contrary, as ever, I prefer them on the carpet to the bronze backing! (I think it makes the circles more prominent.) But I know that whatever you do it won't look like either picture by the time you've finished!! Feels like an exciting project is coming together :)

  5. Am really liking this - especially with the bronze. am curious - roughly what size is it at this point?

    1. Kat, you are a no reply blogger, so I'm hoping you will check back here for the answer. If you want to, drop me a line with an email address and I'll reply directly another time. It's about 20" square right now and I'm glad you like it. :-)

  6. I love the pale duck egg blue with the bronze , it had a lovely subtle shimmer


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