Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Joining and probably tweaking a bit...

Having made a few more of my basic blocks and played around on the floor with them for a bit I came up with something I liked enough to stick with and have now started trying to work out how I will join them together.

Options currently under consideration include 'cheating' by using more strips of whatever edging colour is already there; little pieced strips, like I showed in the last post, introducing one/several new fabrics.

Here are some of the potential additions being auditioned:

I'm also starting to think about what happens next.  I could just keep doing this until I have a piece big enough to call it a quilt, but my chronically short attention span makes that unlikely so I'm probably going to try, at the very least, a bit of judicious tweaking as I go along.  


  1. I think your project is coming right along. I will be following this because I'm interested to see how you join them together. I love how the blocks are all kind of set off from each other, nothing is in a straight line. (I hope I worded that correctly)

  2. This is just wonderful! I so enjoy how you progress with your quilts.:)

  3. How about experimenting with a muslin backing and doing 'stitch and flip' (working kind of like a log-cabin or crazy quilt method), that way you wouldn't need to add the extra fabrics in? Just a thought :) Love the way it's coming together and those thin strips breaking up the outer borders are still my favourite part - they add so much excitement to the composition.

  4. You know, you could toss in a couple of single squares to fill in the spaces so that the squares will line up somewhat. I love those blues with the olive/orange colors. They really do contrast with each other to give the piece that energy, as Stephie said, but not so much that it's overwhelming. I think it's the surprise of the olive color. Well, to me it's a surprise. I'd have said I don't like olive but maybe I do a bit. Every time I see it again, there's a little surprise. I'm not sure what it is, but this composition is really working. I like it more each time, so you're definitely on to something.


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