Sunday, 21 June 2015

Something new for Sunday

I'm still quilting Two Hungry Birds,  but no picture this week.  It seems to be going along quite fast, but I realise that's because this is much smaller than Little Elephant rather than because I've put on a sudden burst of speed.

Also, I am starting another dress.  It's cut out and stencilled, so this will be my slow stitching for Sunday this week.  The second picture shows the colour much better.


  1. Enjoy! I remember the last was beautiful!

  2. Dresses and birds.... life is good :)

  3. So many lovely projects to stitch. Enjoy the process.

  4. I love the pattern you stenciled on the dress. I am looking forward to seeing it finished.

  5. I really like the design on that fabric! It's going to be another pretty dress, for sure.

  6. Beautiful..both colour and the stenciled design. Looking forward to seeing the dress.


  7. why is dress making slow? lol
    what are you stenciling with? Paint? What kind? I like it, and stenciling before sewing. I always do it the other way around then fret over messing it up. Doh!


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