Friday, 20 March 2015

Build me a wall

I have been sewing this week - and taking pictures, but also temporarily losing my camera. 

Having sewed together some strips, I played around with little bits of paper, thinking about stone-y shapes and also, about size.  I tried little squares and roundish ones...

and decided to go with the little squares.

Next up I cut some shapes from fabric instead of tracing paper, and sewed them on...

and then, just for fun, had a play around, sticking my hole-y bit on top of other fabrics to see what it looks like.

Here is is half done (top grey holes have been cut out, bottom ones are little squares, sewn on but not yet cut).

I also carried on piecing a couple of other strippy pieces BUT, and it is a big but, although I like the colours, like the strips, like the holes (and will make more) this is getting boring!  Landscape strips, stone wall holes...fine as far as it goes, but it's gone far enough.

What next then?  Time for get my rotary cutter and start chopping things up a bit.


  1. I so enjoy seeing your projects evolve. Thanks for sharing the journey!

  2. This is making me want to go pull out some green fabrics to start working with!

  3. It is always so interesting to watch you work things out Kaja! And I admire your lack of fear when it comes to chopping things up a bit!

  4. Oh I am impressed! It's so difficult for me to abstract and you've done it with vision. LeeAnna

  5. These are some of my favorite colors. You are so courageous to cut it up; I'm going to follow this with great interest. Perhaps I'll find some courage, too.


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