Friday, 6 February 2015

Urban edges

Nearly there now.  I am playing around with one more tiny border, made up of little, dark log cabins and the rest of my coloured squares.  I quite like the idea, but it takes more of these blocks than you would think!

I'm going to persist, do enough for two sides and then take a view.  For the moment it looks like this:

Linking up with NinaMarie for Off the Wall Friday.


  1. Love this, the red really makes it pop.

  2. Kaja, I've watched this from the little seed of a center. The red strip and repeating red splashes are so fun for the eye! The whole thing must be great to see in person. Of course I've moved on to quilting... how will you quilt this lovely? Both pattern and line, and thread choice as well as logistically! It looks like it's gotten large. LeeAnna

  3. It's fantastic Kaja, I hope you're smiling like the Cheshire Cat! I really love the dark red to break up the poppy red. What does your son think - if he doesn't want to whip it out of your hands before you've finished it he needs sorting out! Have a fab weekend :) x

  4. I've been loving watching this come together. How the blocks dance with each other so nicely.

  5. Love the indigo/denim with these solids! What fun watching this quilt come together.


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